GET HIP-HOP and RAP Drum Beats for Download


HIP-HOP drums are a touch of rhythm, it's the pulsing groove and swing rhythms that intertwine in equal measure to create the foundation for a hit HIP-HOP track. This pack brings you an inclusive collection of professional grooves for HIP-HOP, OLD-SCHOOL RAP, DETROIT OFFBEAT, BOOM BAP, GANGSTA RAP, and more - all with the inimitable feel of a live drummer. The rhythms are more dynamic while maintaining a hit groove that can be a bit off the grid to feel truly alive. Create your own unique HIP-HOP music!!!

Ghost Drum's Rap & Hip-Hop Drum Library is packed with hundreds of professional midi drum beats in common time and they're all royalty free! Go to free downloads.

With the HIP-HOP & RAP MIDI Drum Beats - GHOST DRUMS you’ll be able to: Drum grooves and fills in MIDI format:

  • 30 MIDI drum kits - Make professional-quality music with 30 unique MIDI drum kits;
  • 30 Custom Presets - Presets for GHOST DRUMS are included with each MIDI;
  • 30 Raw Audio Files - WAV audio demos;
  • Played by a live session drummer.