MIDI DRUMS – Hip Hop Live Pack (FB05)

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Offers you Hip Hop Live MIDI Packs (Drum Samples) unique matching midi loops, which means you can use a variety of drum patterns to saturate your future tracks with hit shots.

Yes, we also added the original GHOST DRUMS patches, so the possibilities of this pack are almost limitless.

Played by a live session drummer...

30 Royalty MIDI Drum Loops by MIDI GHOST DRUMS (Ghost Audio Factory) beats for Hip Hop, Pop, and more Wide range of styles covered Proto-rap is a music genre that emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s, characterized by rhythmic spoken vocals over a beat.

It often features electronic instrumentation and incorporates funk, disco, and soul elements.

Proto-rap paved the way for the development of hip-hop and rap music. Old-school hip-hop is the earliest commercially recorded hip-hop music and the original style of the genre. (boom bap, G-funk, new jack swing, trap, and more)

Download link for MIDI DRUMS – Hip Hop Live


  • Contains 30 Royalty MIDI Drum Loops rhythm patterns by MIDI GHOST DRUMS (Ghost Audio Factory) for different Hip Hop Music styles.
  • There is a MIDI map Diagram (picture) for the visual display of drum instruments.
  • 30 Custom Presets - Presets for GHOST DRUMS are included with each MIDI.
  • 30 Raw Audio Files - WAV audio Demos, performed by a live professional session drummer for Producers…
  • 4/4 in straight, swing, and/or halftime feel
  • Tempos ranging from 100 to 200 BPM


         All files and melodies are 100% royalty-free and can be used for commercial projects.


Listen to demo samples on Soundcloud


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