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MIDI GHOST DRUMS © Ghost Audio Factory


MIDI METAL Drum Beats are original MIDI rhythms and fill patterns for drums.

Designed specifically for different styles of metal music such as Metalcore, Thrash Metal,

Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal, Nu Metal,

Doom Metal, Deathcore, and Black Metal... also suitable for other styles of Metal Music.

Break new ground in Metal music with this METAL Drum Beats MIDI library

In this set, you will find original MIDI rhythms for your future tracks

these MIDI Beats will create a new wave of extreme metal in your tracks


With MIDI METAL Drum Beats – MIDI GHOST DRUMS you get a lot of percussive rhythms and breaks in MIDI format that will add one hundred percent brutal spice to your future tracks.

Features of METAL Drum Beats:

  • A variety of METAL Drums MIDI patterns, aggressive-sounding drums that will add harshness to your tracks, and original rhythm patterns will give your songs a new energy of crushing groove.
  • Contains 30 separate MIDI GHOST DRUMS rhythm patterns for different styles of Metal Music
  • There is a MIDI map Diagram (picture) for the visual display of drum instruments
  • 30 Custom Presets - Presets for GHOST DRUMS are included with each MIDI;
  • 30 Raw Audio Files - WAV audio Demos, Performed by a live professional session drummer playing in a metal band.


Listen to demo samples on Soundcloud

Demo samples
Listen to demo
Download link for MIDI METAL DRUM BEATS


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